Specialty Products
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Specialty Products

BioProtect Plus

BioProtect Plus is an oral energy for baby piglets. It is designed to provide highly available energy to piglets to reduce mortality.


BioProtect Plus is an easily digested energy source – including vitamins and flavoring agents – to aid in the reduction of mortality in the very young piglet.


Baby pigs have high energy demands for maintenance, growth, the digestive process and body temperature sustainment.


BioProtect Plus provides the energy to aid in these processes to increase livability and enhance growth.


Both fat soluble and water soluble vitamins are included in Bio Protect Plus which are essential in organ function, the immune system, metabolism and many other important bodily activities.


BioProtect Plus includes lecithin, which helps the piglet break down fatty acids for the production of energy. Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids found in the formula provide both quick and longer term energy and also act as carriers for the fat soluble vitamins.


Use Bio Protect Plus to increase your number of pigs weaned and profitability!


As shown in the trial below, BioProtect Plus can assist you by:


  • Providing more available energy
  • More pigs weaned
  • Reducing mortality
  • Increased profit