Specialty Products
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Specialty Products

Mix Oil

Mix-Oil™ is a highly concentrated mix of essential oils designated and created for all farm animals and pets and may be considered a multi-purpose flavouring since not only it improves the taste of food, but also naturally works as a digestive and stimulant.

Mix-Oil™ exploits the characteristics and synergies of all its components to improve the performance and health of animals.


General Mode of Action

The main actions of essential oils included in Mix-Oil are represented by their antioxidant action, anti-microbial action, anti-inflammatory action and the stimulation of the natural defenses of animals (increase the immune defenses).

All these characteristics make Mix-Oil a different, complete and unique product on the market.


Research and Development

R&D have been and part of Animal Wellness Products’ (Mix-Oils’ manufacturer) priority: this is one of the key of Mix-Oil success. All of its products and technologies are developed and tested by:


MIDWEST VETERINARY CENTER: (Oakland-NE) USA-FDA Authorized Test center.


Other tests, trials, and study by: US-Asia and European universities. Many different Mix-Oil trials on different animal species are available.


Production and Production Technologies

The whole manufacturing process is HACCP-compliant and because we are convinced that “safe food came from safe feed”, Animal Wellness Products (A.W.P.) is certified ISO 22.000 (Food Safety Management system). Registration number IT-45631.

All Mix-Oil active ingredients are outsourced and the following features are required by Quality Control:


  • Food or Pharmaceutical grade
  • Purity should always be more than 95%
  • Gaschromathography (GC) is performed in order to verify the features of the oils
  • Mix-Oil doesn’t contain any dried herbs, plant or spices.


For micro-encapsulation purpose, A.W.P. uses the ultrasound system which ensures the perfect protection of essential oils thanks to an ad-hoc designed matrix. The encapsulation allows maintaining the stability of products during treatment processes and bypassing the stomach to make the products available where its action is necessary.


NOTE: All Mix-Oil active ingredients are in accordance with EC Directive 1831/2003 and related up grading, with GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) from U.S.A. FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

For more information, please visit the official website of Animal Wellness Products:  www.awpint.com