Specialty Products
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Specialty Products


PerGABA is the powerful anti-stress agent and efficient appetite enhancer for animal use, produced by Hunan Pertly Biotech Co., Ltd.



GABA, vitamins, electrolyte balance agents.



Animals Stress and PerGABA 

Stress is a summation of nonspecific response produced by the animal organism when they face the various stimuli. All these stimulating factors can be collectively called as stressor or stress factor. Considering that stress is everywhere in modern breeding industry, and it mainly has the negative effects on the production performance, so the anti-stress issue is an unavoidable problem to all prac­ titioners in feed industry, animal husbandry and aquaculture.

So, what is the physiological process of stress? What is the mechanism process of PerGABA?



The physiological process of stress

Through HPA and SAS, the stimuli caused by stressors (from the external, the internal and nerve) are to be conducted by nerve, triggering the secretion of hormones.


Secreted hormones enter the body and accelerate the catabolism. Catabolism triggers the accumulation of acidic metabolites and free radicals. Excessive free radicals attacking cell membrane can cause cell membrane permeability to change. The series of chain reactions result in environmental degradation and electrolyte balance destruction in the body.