Animal Protein
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Animal Protein

FishPro 65 Max

FishPro 65 Max is a high quality protein blend, with high levels of all essential amino acids. High digestibility of amino acids, high in available phosphorus, and in essential fatty acids. It is a blend of fish meal and animal protein meals, with added amino acids lysine and methionine. Ethoxyquin, antioxidant and a salmonella protectant have been added for that extra protection.

FishPro 65 Max does not contain any feather meal and is low in ash and high in energy. FishPro 65 Max is a product of equal quality to a high protein fishmeal, such as a South American 65% protein fish meal.

FishPro 65 Max has been developed particularly for use in aqua feeds, as well as poultry/pig feeds diet.

Typical Composition of FishPro 65 Max