Specialty Products
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Specialty Products


PerGlu is the feed additive produced by Hunan Perfly Biotech Co., Ltd. It enhances “nonspecific immune” and “active humoral immunity” function of animal.



B-1, 3-D-glucan, mannan oligosaccharides, and plant extracts, etc


This product includes two types:

PerGlu (Livestock Type): for Livestock use

PerGlu (Aquatic fype): for Aquatic animal use




1. PerGlu enhances “nonspecific immune” function af animal

The resistant effect of animals on all invading pathogens is called as “nonspecific immunity”, including the barrier function, antibacterial action of antibacterial substances (interferon, complement system, lysozyme, antimicrobial peptides, etc.), phagocytosis effect of phagocytes on pathogenic microorganisms (granulocytes, monocytes and macrophages), and etc.


On the one hand, B-1, 3-D-glucan and mannan oligosaccharides proliferate and activate a variety of phagocytes to devour all invading pathogens. Namely, through improving cell immunity, they enhance the ability to resist pathogenic organisms; on the other hand, F-1, 3-Dglucanand mannan oligosaccharides also enhance antibacterial substances so as to inhibit and kill pathogens. Therefore, the use of PerGlu can enhance animal “nonspecific immunity” or broad-spectrum anti-bacterial action.


2. PerG lu enhances “active humoral immunity ” of animal

“Active humoral immunity” is the process of producing antibodies, sensitized lymphocytes and other antibacterial products stimulated by the invading pathogens or the vaccines. lt is the ability of animal to resist diseases. When the active immunity happened, the first step is that phagocytes devour pathogens and then antigenic determinants are exposed by enzymolysis.


Antigenic determinants are transferred to T cells, therefore the active immune response starts up in animal body; therefore, phagocytes are known as “antigen presenting cells (APC) in immune response”. The increase in the number and activity of phagocytes can improve the active humoral immune response and the disease resistance.