Specialty Products
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Specialty Products

PerMicro BS

PerMicro BS is the micro-ecology preparation that has the characteristics of high cost performance, fast growing, short generation time and strong resistance produced by Hunan Perfly Biotech Co., Ltd.





This product contains Bacillus subtilis and other special microbes, the main content of each type is as follows:


PerMicro BS I ………………5×109  (Effective Spore Content in cfu/g)

PerMicro BS II ………………2×1010 (Effective Spore Content in cfu/g)


lntestinal Health and Biological Oxygen Consumption


The intestinal tract is the main place where anirnal digestion and absorption, more than 80% nutrients are absorbed in intestinal tract; intestinal tract is the largest animal irnmune organ; it is the main habitat of intestinal microflora that include both anaerobic beneficial bacteria, such as Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium and aerobic harmful bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, Staphyiococcus aureus, etc.


In the process of animal eating and breathing, a part of oxygen will enter into the intestine tract. Oxygen can improve redox potential in the intestine to inhibit the growth of intestinal beneficial bacteria Bacilus subtilis is a strictly aerobic bacterium that can propagate quickly in the presence of oxygen. Rapid propagation of Bacillus subtilis in the animal gut can consume the intestinal oxygen to reduce intestinal redox potential and to provide the anaerobic growth environment for intestinal beneficial bacteria, which promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria. So the key factor that affects the ability of Bacillus subtilis to consume oxygen is whether they have advantages of quick germination, rapid propagation in the intestinal tract.