Specialty Products
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Specialty Products

PerMicro BC

PerMicro BC is the probiotic product that has the characteristics of strong acid-producing, gastric acid resistance and high temperature resistance, produced by Hunan Perfly Biotech Co., Ltd.




This product contains strong acid producing bacillus coagulans and other effective microorganism.

The main content of each type is as follows:



PerMicro BC I ………………5×109  (Effective Spore Content in cfu/g)

PerMicro BC II ………………1×1010 (Effective Spore Content in cfu/g)



intestinal Health and Endogenous Acid Producing


Intestinal health is very important to production performance and economic benefit of breeding animals. The intestinal health should include the integrity of mucosal structure barrier and chemical barrier and the balance of intestinal micro-ecology. A variety of microorganisms inhabit in the gastrointestinal tract of the animals, the number is above 10 trillion, and the majority of them are in the hindgut.


Microorganisms include beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria, under normal circumstances, both are in a dynamic balance to maintain the normal physiological function in intestinal tract. Once the animals suffer from many kinds of stress such as weaning, changing fodder, transfer fence, transportation, pathogen infection, micro-ecology balance will be broken in animals, the harmful bacteria occupy the dominant position, intestinal problems appear in animals, such as the low ability to digest and absorb nutrient, the low feed conversion, deteriorated feeding environment (ammonia concentration) and the decline in immunity, severely obvious diarrhea and diseases happened.


Antibiotics were used to suppress the intestinal flora unbalance and diarrhea in the production practice. ln addition, with the development of prohibiting antibiotics (colistin also will be banned), with regard to gram negative bacteria that can cause diarrhea, the drug that we can choose is less. At the same time, one of the factors that leads to micro-ecology unbalance is the application of large dose of antibiotics. ln this case, the micro-ecology (especially for micro-ecology preparation, such as bacillus coagulans) that plays the roles of the antibacterial, sterilization, regulating the intestinal micro-ecology balance, and reducing the application of antibiotics is the first choice.