Specialty Products
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Specialty Products


A buffered, 25% total acid, dry mold inhibitor for processed feed ingredients and animal feed, controlling Aspergillus, yeast, and bacteria while rapidly reducing pH.


Features and Benefits:


  1. Contains Propionic Acid :A broad spectrum mold control ingredient, including Aspergillus control.
  2. Contains Bezoic Acid :Controls yeast growth
  3. Contains Acetic Acid :Controls bacteria and reduces pH rapidly.
  4. Absorbent Carriers :Small particle size to insure excellent dispersion throughout the ration
  5. Synergistic Effect:The combination of acids will provide superior mold control to any one of the individual acids alone. Also, greater anti-fungal activity than salt-form inhibitors.
  6. Controls Mold/Toxin Growth: Improves animal performance

For more information, please visit the official website of ACG Products Ltd.: www.acgproducts.com