Trade Affiliates
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Trade Affiliates


ACG Products Ltd. was founded in 1994 by Alan Lipscomb, who has dedicated more than 35 years to improving nutrition in livestock, poultry and companion animals. As new technology and applications evolve, ACG Products will continue to keep its customers at the leading edge.

The company’s goal is to be the preferred partner of its customers in supplying high quality, cost effective products, professional advice and exceptional service.


The company’s research program is focused on the improvement of products quality, as well on the study of new solutions for the zootechnical and fertilizer market. The main typologies of products are the following: dry products with an elevated content of noble proteins, suitable for farm animals and pets feeding; dry products with an elevated content of nitrogen and micro/macro elements, suitable for the production of powdered fertilizers and pelleteds; liquid fertilizers obtained from blood, designed for leaf fertilization and drop fertilization methods, for cultures like orchards and vineyards.


Standard Commodities is a specialist international merchant of Animal By Products. Since the company’s inception in 1989, we have built and continue to expand a unique and efficient network throughout the world that strives successfully at delivering good product on time and at the right price. Apart from a focus on Australian and New Zealand due to our HQ status in the southern hemisphere, we believe we have made the successful transition to both procurement and sales in the main Supply and Demand regions of the world. This has been achieved through establishing offices, agents, representatives, storage and warehouses where it has complimented the commercial process from farm gate to its eventual final application, be that feed, fertilizer, soap, oleo chemical or energy

AWP (Animal Wellness Products)

A pioneer from the earliest days on essential oils , we are one of the world’s innovative leading suppliers of feed additive to the global feed industry. We are successful on animal nutrition because we provide to our customers,sustainable products / solutions that help them to face the market request of the global market, enhancing profits.

Our mission is to develop healthy/sustainable/functional products for improve the food quality and environmentally friendly. This is coupled with our vision to improving health, feeding a growing population, feeding more animals for the growing global demand, respecting the planet‘s resources and environment.


Ten Com Group srl is the preferred supplier of raw materials necessary to create animal protein in feeds. With years of experience, superior service and ample resources, Ten Com Group srl is a widely regarded international trading company for the zootechnical and biologic agricultural industries—ready to deliver the key components customers require to make essential products that help markets thrive.


Hunan Pfeick Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the development, production and sales of feed additives, functional properties and protein raw materials, animal health products and other products. The company was established in November 2005 and its headquarters is located in Changsha, Hunan Province. Until now, it has developed into three holding subsidiaries (Hunan Zhonglian Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Hunan Ximu Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and Changsha Jingyi Biotechnology Development. Co., Ltd.), 6 marketing districts, 28 provincial direct sales branches, distribution networks covering all parts of China and Southeast Asia, and upstream conglomerates in the agricultural and animal husbandry industry chain with annual sales of more than 100 million.


Proteus Commodities, Incorporated in the State of Oregon in January of 2009, is focused on the procurement and distribution of Animal Feed Ingredients throughout North America, South America and Asia. With nearly 30 years of industry experience and a worldwide network of agents, vendors, and customers in place, Proteus Commodities Inc. has the necessary network to help you succeed. Our industry is based on relationships and trust. At Proteus we are proud that our core business is repeat business thanks to our ability to perform and to deliver high quality products on schedule to our customers.

At Proteus, our emphasis is on procurement and distribution of ingredients for the agricultural sector, including: Aquaculture, Pet Foods, Poultry, Swine, Dairy, and Organics.


POET is one of the world’s largest producers of ethanol and other biorefined products, combining technology and development with engineering expertise. Our mission is to be good stewards of the Earth by converting renewable resources to energy and other valuable goods as effectively as humanly possible.